Instagram Trend Rainbrows

Instagram Trend Rainbrows

Okay so here's the story behind my #Rainbrows %uD83C%uDF08 %u2728%u2764%uFE0F%uD83D%uDC9B%uD83D%uDC9A%uD83D%uDC99%uD83D%uDC9C%uD83D%uDC96%u2728 I got invited as a guest to @netmediatama 's show called "Pagi - Pagi" to do a demo on creating Rainbow-colored brows to the host. But aside from just giving the tutorial, they also ask me to show how the rainbow-colored brows would look on my face. I, who usually do my brows following the color of my hair was like "uhm, okay, if that's what the tv wants." At first I think I have too many colors on my face, I mean the hair, not to mention the brows. But after a while having it on my face, I guess they look alright, heck I think I'm starting to like them a lot %uD83D%uDE03%uD83D%uDE01%uD83D%uDC4D%uD83C%uDFFC I think I'll still be doing blue brows after this but thanks to this, next time I'm bored with how I usually look, I'll know what to do %uD83D%uDE01%u270C%uD83C%uDFFC%uFE0F Many people might dislike it and that's okay, because that's the beautiful thing about people, we have the liberty to give opinions and that's fine. Whether you like it or dislike it, I'm still gonna do what I'm gonna do. %uD83D%uDE03%u270C%uD83C%uDFFC%uFE0F If you wanna watch the program on Net Tv, it will air on June 2nd, 7.30am. Again the name of the show is "Pagi - Pagi", but I only show up on like 1 segment of the show, so It'll probably just be like 3-5 minutes of camera time. So be sure to wake up early and watch it if you wanna know how I create colorful brows %uD83D%uDE03%uD83D%uDC4D%uD83C%uDFFC%uD83C%uDF08 %u2728%u2764%uFE0F%uD83D%uDC9B%uD83D%uDC9A%uD83D%uDC99%uD83D%uDC9C%uD83D%uDC96%u2728 @pagipagi_net #rainbrow @browgame #browgame @dyeddollies #dyeddollies @indobeautygram #indobeautygram

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Wir lieben Instagram! Kein anderes soziales Netzwerk hat mehr Beauty-Trends hervorgebracht, als die Foto-Sharing-Plattform. Auf Instagram empfinden wir krasse #hairenvy wenn wir #PastelHair oder #MermaidHair ...

Auch auf die Gefahr hin, dass wir uns gerade selbst widersprechen, diesen Instagram Trend finden wir mittlerweile gar nicht mehr toll: #Rainbrows. Die Regenbogen-Augenbrauen hatten wir euch ja vor einiger Zeit schon mal vorgestellt, damals fanden wir noch, dass der Trend ein lustiger Gag ist. Doch seit unser gesamter Instagram-Feed gefühlt nur noch aus bunten Augenbrauen besteht, haben wir gemerkt, wie schnell man sich an dem Trend sattsieht. Deshalb bevorzugen wir natürliche, volle Brauen, die aktuell mindestens genauso angesagt sind, wie die Rainbrows.

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